We believe this is their season for God’s best to be established in the earth and that God has given them a burden for people and to see them fulfill the plan of God in their life.  We are believing God for a supernatural outpouring of His spirit and presence in the College Station area. ​​Services will be held every Sunday at 12:00pm.


We are a multicultural church who endeavor to experience and reciprocate the grace of God.  Every culture is respected and celebrated causing our differences to be diminished by power, healing, signs, and wonders.  We are unified through singleness of heart and oneness of mind through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  

​The Gathering Church believe God’s Word is primary and His anointing is necessary.  Our mission is to demonstrate the love of God, the acceptance of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit in a practical and realistic way.  We desire to turn the city upside down … all to the Glory of God.  The Gathering Church is a place for anyone who desires to experience forgiveness from our past, healing in our present, and deliverance for our future. 

OUR pastors 

Christian and Anita have been married for nearly 15 years and are both Veterans of the United States Army.  They are both ordained ministers of the Gospel and love God with all their heart, their mind, and their soul.  They have served for many years in their local churches and communities where they’ve lived.  In 2013, Christian and Anita felt the call of God to launch The Gathering Church at College Station and therefore, moved from Oklahoma back to Texas.  They strive to be obedient to God in every area of their life.